We don’t just sing ‘en masse’, sometimes we perform as smaller groups.


Our longest established quartet is Sally (bass) Sue (baritone) Gay (lead) and Pip (tenor) who have been singing together since 2008.

Cocktail Quartet 2019

Lovers of the barbershop sound and that good old acappella, they’re happy to sing for you.

Ice & a slice

Comparative newcomers Naomi, Helen, Anne and Clare have been singing together on-and-off for several years and have only recently begun performing as a quartet.

Mostly singing for fun, especially when they mix up the words (sometimes deliberately!) they’re also enjoying (if that’s the right word) the occasional competitive outing.

Ice and a Slice Horsham
Singing on the streets of Horsham

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Every now and then the two quartets get together to perform as On The Rocks.

On The Rocks July 2019