Bournemouth Pavilion Gardens June 2019

Beautiful Bournemouth

On what was undoubtedly the hottest day of the year so far, Coastline defied melting make-up, niggling nerves and a bit of excited breathlessness to take a full part in the 2019 Bournemouth Music Festival.

Performing alongside choirs, acapella groups and vocal ensembles of all shapes and sizes we had a wonderful time of harmony and song.

We had no expectations of winning but we wanted to put into action all that our MD Miguel has coached us to deliver over the last five, wonderful years.

And we did it!

The chords rang, the words told the story of every song, the moves were free and easy and, best of all, we sang one ballad so quietly and movingly the judge put down her pen and sat back to simply listen.

And what a judge – fair, honest, informative, funny  and above all supportive. Giving us praise and food for thought in equal measure.

We performed in three separate classes, gaining two distinctions and a commended. No silverware this time (but at least we don’t have to worry about keeping it shiny and returning it next year!)

One of our quartets, Ice and a Slice, then took to the stage, knees a-knocking and did a brilliant job, gaining another distinction.

And as with so many of our events, the fun didn’t stop on the stage. Most notable moments of the weekend included the group of young teenagers who gave us a fist bump saying we looked ‘cool’ in our cream outfits, the young lad celebrating the end of his exams whose enthusiastic praise of our ad hoc performance was truly touching and the staff at the local Café Rouge who stayed late to let us sing and kept asking for more!

Thank you Bournemouth.

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