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We may be quiet on here….

……but we’re not in real life!

Difficult times, but Coastline Harmony is still very much up and running.

In the last few months we have:

Continued to meet every Thursday evening on Zoom
Learned three new songs
Created one virtual performance (see previous post)
Performed via Zoom for residents of a care home – a special show for a former MD
Started work on entries for virtual music festivals
Played quizzes for fun (we’re only competitive when it comes to singing!)
Celebrated with our friends online on every possible occasion

Coastline Harmony's online activity

And now we’re planning a few festive surprises….

We’re continuing to work towards a safe return to in-person rehearsals and shows, but only when the time is right.

Want to know more? Drop us a line at Our virtual doors are always open.

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