Coastline enters Woking Music Festival
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Coastline takes part in virtual Woking Music Festival

Our metamorphosis into a virtual choir (and yes, like caterpillars we did turn into a bit of mush at the beginning) is taking another step further with our entry into the Woking Music Festival

Update: We won our class – first place with a Distinction!
Many thanks to the judges for their helpful comments.

In ‘normal’ times we love to take part in music festivals – it’s fun to entertain different audiences and to get such helpful and knowledgeable feedback, so we can do it better next time.

This year, thanks to COVID many of our usual festivals have been cancelled but Woking decided to go ahead, with a virtual competition. So we’ve been working on two songs which we present for you now:

Looking forward to hearing what the adjudicators have to say!

Find out more about Woking Music Festival here

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